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Brand Ambassadors

Beer Tasting

Product Tastings

  • Full management and deployment of your beer, wine or spirit tastings

  • Our custom approach to your product sampling provides huge cost savings vs other options. 

  • Our BevCrew®  handles everything from scheduling, shipping materials, to booking with the specific stores

Beer Tasting Customer Service

Dedicated Reps

  • Professional in-house representatives will handle all aspects of your events and make sure you're getting the best value and ROI on the service 

  • We'll make sure every detail is covered with you prior to execution - From product availability to targeting the right stores

Beer Survey Reporting

Custom Reporting

  • Customized project dashboards 

  • Develop customized promo and sales plans to maximize your events full potential

  • We provide our clients with custom reporting after the events to make sure they are maximizing their growth potential


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