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Almost All Craft Beer Drinkers Want to Have Their Beer Shipped Direct

According to the new Beer Shipping Report released by ShipCompliant and the Brewers Association, craft beer drinkers have a lot more interest in receiving direct shipments of their favorite frothy concoctions and this sentiment is growing faster than we all expected. The report reviews both a craft beer drinker poll and a brewery survey conducted in the early part of 2021.

The consumer survey found an overwhelming number of core craft beer consumers (defined as those that drink beer at least one time per month) say they want to be able to buy beer via brewery direct shipping to their homes. This sounds great, but the fact remains that direct-to-consumer beer shipping is only legal in 13 states. In addition, the survey notes that more than 70% of core craft beer consumers say the COVID crisis has increased their preference in buying craft beer online.

Other notable findings in the report:

  • 80% of core craft consumers say they would be very likely to try new brands if they could purchase the beer online

  • Almost 60% of core craft drinkers say they have purchased beer directly from a craft brewery and had it shipped to their homes

  • Craft beer enthusiasts are eager to receive shipments of beer from markets beyond their home states borders, with almost 80% saying they have tried a few craft beers while traveling and wished they could purchase it online

Brewer interest is growing too

Just over 10% of craft breweries are currently shipping direct to consumers (BA survey of 141 breweries). Most of these breweries are still focused on their home markets, with almost 90% of breweries reporting that their home states are their primary markets. Nonetheless, some craft breweries are finding opportunities to sell outside their own markets, with almost 12% now saying they ship more beer direct to consumers outside their home markets than within their own state.

With all of the logistical challenges facing craft breweries, around 70% said they would consider direct shipping if it were only legal in their home states. This research further reveals the disconnect between consumer interest in buying direct from breweries and the availability of this type of service, which are only currently legal in 13 states.

Please reach out to the BevCom Group today to discuss how you can take advantage of both direct-to-consumer shipping and extend your sales within traditional channels - we’ll work with you and grow your business beyond what you imagined was possible.

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