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Alcohol Preferences by Region

We like to look at data - and one of the best tools available for viewing online consumer behavior is from Google Trends. Below is an interesting visualization looking at searches made online for different types of alcoholic beverages. For this example, we just looked at Vodka, Bourbon Whiskey, Tequila and Rum. One thing that you will immediately notice is that the seasonality of web searches are very consistent across these four types of spirits. Other information you can easily see from this chart is which liquids are gaining vs declining in the number of searches online. We utilize this service when we build our online search models. It's very helpful when building pay-per-click or social media advertising campaigns, as you can compare searches for different brands, flavors, styles, etc.

As you can see below, over the past year more people searched for Bourbon Whiskey in the Midwest states of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky - and Tequila was most frequent spirit searched for in California.

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